The benefits of outdoor play for young children

Boondall Early Childhood Centre shares 4 benefits of outdoor play

At Boondall Early Childhood Centre, we believe in getting back to basics and maintaining a healthy balance between technology and outdoor play. Not only does this provide a new, exciting learning environment for children, but it also offers a number of developmental benefits. Here’s our top 4!

1. Fosters an active lifestyle

During the early years, outside play encourages an active lifestyle, helping to motivate children to continue to exercise into their adult lives. These good habits are set early in life and given the number of new technologies available to us all, outdoor play is an extremely important factor in reducing screen time.

2. Improves cognitive, social and emotional development

The more time children spend in the big world around them outside, the more they begin to comprehend complex thinking, like understanding risks. With outside equipment, they learn to make calculated decisions when playing, such as whether to jump from something, or what they can climb. In early childhood centres children play with one another and start to build more than basic communication skills, they learn to socialise with other children and develop friendships with one another.

3. Builds sensory skills

Outside play engages parts of the brain that help to build micromotor skills, such as hand-eye coordination, and major motor skills, such as balance and sense of direction. Outdoor play also incorporates all of children’s five basic senses and helps them to understand each one differently in the brain.

4. Increases confidence

Outside play, also helps to develop children’s sense of independence in a controlled and safe environment. With open and engaging outdoor spaces, that are secure and monitored by Educators, your child is given the chance to grow their confidence and independence.

At Boondall Early Childhood Centre, we are committed to promoting a warm, loving and nurturing space where your child is empowered to explore, discover and thrive in an environment of which they feel a part of. We also offer spacious outdoor play areas to help your little ones grow!

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